U.S. Bus Rapid Transit Symposium

Thursday, November 19, 2020

This one-day event spotlights how cities across the U.S. with some international inspiration have been implementing BRT to meet the needs of local communities. It is an opportunity to learn from leading experts and advocates about how BRT investments can fulfill environmental, economic, and equity goals, bringing benefits to riders and communities. Speakers and participants represent transit agencies, regional governments, academic institutions, mobility departments, and the private sector as well as advocacy and community development groups.


BRT is a bus-based rapid transit system that can achieve high capacity, speed, and service quality at relatively low cost. BRT combines technical elements to reduce bus delays with other quality-of-service elements to deliver a reliable transit experience that connects people to opportunities. When planned well, it can contribute to sustainable and equitable transit-oriented communities. 


This event is made possible thanks to support from the Barr Foundation. 

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